The Brokerage Engine team

Agent Production Report 2.0

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

Previously known as the Agent Net Summary Report, the Agent Production Report is the perfect summary of an agent's production performance within a given timeframe. It allows leadership, or the agent themselves, to track key data points like Volume, Sides, GCI and Effective Commission Rate.

Based on Customer feedback, we've refined the Agent Production Report to include even more relevant information like Transaction Fees, Credits and the Agent's Net GCI after fees. Users will also now notice a new function called "Fee Summary". By clicking this button the User will be presented with an instant report that lists all fees, or credits, applied on transactions during the timeframe and the total dollar amount for each one. Pretty nifty, right?

This enhanced Agent Production Report also now includes both Standard and Other Income transactions. What does this mean? In addition to traditional transactions, a user will also see additional income like referrals, broker price opinions and leases.

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