The Brokerage Engine team

Automated Invoice Payment for Agent Open Balances

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

We have changed the way the system updates the status of open invoices displayed on the Commission Detail page. Prior to this update, if a user checked an unpaid invoice listed under the Agent Open Balances tile the system automatically marked the invoice as paid on the Commission Detail page. However, in accounting, it would only add an Agent credit to the journal entry and generate a new Accounting Invoice that would remain unpaid. To mark both invoices as paid, the user would have to manually link both invoices together and then mark the Accounting invoice as paid. 

This new update eliminates the extra steps, as not when a user marks an invoice paid on the Commission Detail page, the related Accounting invoice is also updated to paid. 

Required Modules: Commissions, Accounting

User Permission Levels: Accounting, Admin, System

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