The Brokerage Engine team
Commissions Enhancements

Commission Detail Page Enhancement

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

Users can now find the names of any buyers and sellers in two new places on the Commission Detail page. The left navigation of the Commission Detail page includes a tile that displays information regarding the transaction. Under the External Transaction Ref # Finalized header are the two new headers, Buyer and Seller, where the names will be listed.

In addition, you can find buyer and seller names available for selection when entering concessions. A new concession can be added to a transaction by navigating to the Commissions Breakdown Details tile and clicking Concession>Add Concession. Once clicked, this button opens a window with the Commission Recipient field where users will have the option to select the name of the buyer or seller.

Required Modules: Commissions

User Permission Levels: Accounting, Admin, System

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