The Brokerage Engine team

Import Buyer Documents to Transaction Documents

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

**Note that the Contacts tab is an optional configuration that must be enabled for your site.

Not only can you use the Contacts options to add your prospective buyers into the system, users now have the ability to add and store documents alongside their Buyer Detail profile. Clicking the Manage Documents button forwards you to the buyer’s document list where you can upload and store documents that have been signed by your buyers - even if a transaction has not occurred.

Once a buyer is attached to a transaction, the buyer’s Document List page will display the Import Buyer Documents button. This button lists all of the documents previously uploaded to the Buyer Detail page and allows the user to add them to the transaction. These buttons aid in reducing the redundancy caused by re-uploading documents to multiple transactions for the same buyer.

Required Modules: none.

User Permission Levels: All levels

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