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Marketing Instruction Editor Add-on

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

These exciting, new additions to the Marketing Instruction Editor allow for even further customization of Marketing Opportunities for your Brokerage.

To demonstrate, let’s start with the admin view, and use a marketing opportunity that already contains multiple options, in this case, a listing brochure. Now, at the bottom, let’s click the Instruction Editor.

Here, there are two new options, referred to as the checkbox option, and the select option, respectively.

With the new checkbox option, we are able to determine whether to charge for an option based on the order overall (per order), or each individual unit (per quantity). For this example, we have used two additional options at $5 and $10 under the “Per Order” Cost Mode.

Concurrently, let’s look at the new “select option”, and instead of choosing the “Per Order” Cost Mode, let’s select “Per Quantity,” and use the examples of $15 and $20. This option would mean that for every additional brochure ordered, the system will charge and additional $15 or $20 each.

Now let’s see this enhancement in action, in the form of impersonating an Agent.

For this example, we are going to impersonate Kumara who is going to order some marketing. Because we made these test examples specific to the Landscape, 2-page Brochure, we’ll use this Marketing Opportunity to demonstrate.

After selecting the listing, you’ll see our two, new options on the Marketing Details page. Per our edits made in the Instruction Editor, if Kumara chooses either of the checkboxes, she will be charged on a per order basis.

Commensurately, if Kumara chooses an option from the Select dropdown, she will be charged on a per unit basis.

Implementing this change would prove highly beneficial in the event certain Marketing Opportunities offered by your Brokerage possess multiple options. For example, perhaps there is a specific type of coating for brochures that must be charged on a per unit basis. This billing conundrum can now be easily solved with this new enhancement. Similarly, if an option were applicable to the order overall, for example, wrapping all brochures in plastic prior to delivery, the per order option could be utilized.

Note that multiple checkboxes can be selected when using the per order cost mode, whereas only one option can be selected when using the per unit mode.

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