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New Commission Details Page Options 

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

We have added a couple of new options to a transaction’s Commission Detail page. First, we have added a Pass-Through Income button to the Commission Detail page. This option allows users to collect additional income from a closing (for example, a client-paid fee) that is paid directly out to a liability vendor (for example, paid to the title company). This income does not affect commission calculations but is deposited into a General Ledger (GL) holding account and paid to the selected liability vendor when the transaction is closed. Once added, users will see this income displayed on the liability agent’s Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA) page. 

Next, we have added a Regenerate Settlement Instruction option to the dropdown menu attached to the Recalc button. 

If a user makes changes to the data displayed in the Distribution tile (for example, changing the agent who is receiving a fee on the transaction), clicking this button will force the system to update that information. 


Finally, we have made a few enhancements to the Fees/Incomes section of the Commission Schedule Detail page. 

In addition to renaming the section to Fees, we have removed the “Type” and “Rules” columns from the table. These have been replaced by the Charge To column, which displays the party responsible for paying the fee listed, and the Account Tracking Account column, which displays the ledger account where the fee will be recorded. 

Required Modules: Commissions

User Permission Levels: Accounting, Admin, System

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