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Office Production Report Enhancements

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

Historically, the Office Production report in Brokerage Engine has been the perfect tool for keeping tabs on production trends across your business. With our recent enhancements, users now have the ability to take an even deeper dive on the office production data.

With this release, Accounting users will notice that the existing Office Production report has been retitled "Office Monthly Production Breakdown". In its place, the new Office Production report can be accessed under the Reports >> Accounting >> "Office Production". This new iteration allows a user to define their timeframe and "Run Report". The results will now display all closed transaction sides from within the selected date range. The report can now be sorted by Address, Transaction Type, Agent Name, Close Date, Sales Price, Volume, Side Count, GCI, Effective Commission Rate, Adjusted GCI, Agent Net or Brokerage Net.

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