The Brokerage Engine team

Update to Subscription Billing

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

We are making a change to our subscription processing and automated processing.

Subscriptions are recurring invoices that are issued on a set schedule by the brokerage to recoup recurring fees from an agent. Currently, if an agent is set up for automatic payment of invoices, a subscription payment will be initiated on the date of issue, while other invoice payments are initiated on the due date. This causes confusion for both agents and accountants.

Beginning May 19th, subscription payments will follow the same logic as other system invoices, and all payments will be processed on an invoice’s due date. This alignment gives users and brokerages alike a better opportunity to recognize incoming charges in a timely manner as well as understand and manage their financials consistently.

Required Modules: Agent Billing

User Permission Levels: Admin, System Admin

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