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Commissions Enhancements

Updates to the Agent Commission Detail Page

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

We have made some exciting updates to the Agent Commission Detail page. This page is now accessed from an Agent’s detail page by clicking the Commission Details button (formerly labeled as Commission Schedule). Once clicked, the Commission Detail page allows users to view and edit an Agent’s commission schedules, settlement preferences, CDA Settlement Preferences, and Bank Accounts details. Within the CDA Settlement Preferences tile, clicking the Edit Prefs button enables users to specify how an Agent wants their settlement payments paid (e.g., via check or direct deposit). In the Bank Account tile, clicking Add Bank Account allows users to add, edit, and delete an Agent’s bank account information.

Note: These new tiles mirror the sections included in the brokerage’s TSS site and any changes made on the front side of the system will also be updated there.

Required Modules: Commissions

User Permission Levels: Accounting, Admin, System

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