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Viewing an Agent’s Commission Schedule Accumulation 

AUTHOR: The Brokerage Engine team

Users now have the option to view an Agent’s accumulation directly within the commission schedule. 

On the Commission Schedules page, users can now navigate to an Agent’s existing commission schedule and click the Edit Details button in the corresponding row. 

Once on the commission’s detail page, users can click the View Accumulation button to open a window that displays the number of sales an Agent has accumulated as of the date listed, as well as a table that highlights the level the Agent has reached as well as how far they are from reaching the next tier. Note that the Effective At date will default to the current date, however, users have the ability to change the date and click Search to view the Agent’s estimated future accumulation based on pending transactions in the system.

Required Modules: Commissions

User Permission Levels: Accounting, Admin, System

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